The most powerful Aphrodisiac there is lies between your ears, it’s your Brain!  Our powerful Erotic Hypnosis  Sessions will provide you with an erotic experience that you’re going to enjoy time and time again.  Whether  you’re looking for a session for yourself to intensify pleasure, or for couples to spice up your love life, we’ve got  something that will certainly arouse your interest. 
HYPNOSIS Rated Stimulate Your Mind & Body With Premium Erotic Hypnosis Audio for Women, Men & Couples X
Sexual Hypnosis: Relax - Intensify - Enjoy
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Get naked and get comfortable because your about to enjoy a fantasy that will  indulge all of your senses. You’ll begin by relaxing completely as our Master  Hypnotist takes you into a deep hypnotic state where you imagination is put into  overdrive.  Take a moment to image what it would be like if you were lying on your  bed naked and your ideal dream lover appeared. Think of how he would look  standing beside your bed, imagine how he would touch you, how he would seduce  you with his voice and how he would feel deep inside you as he takes you to new  heights of pleasure!
Dream Lover
69 Shades Of Consciousness 
Get ready to go be guided through 69 shades of conscious awareness as you get  hypnotized to a deep level of trance, where all your erotic fantasies will seem real.   Your lover in this fantasy is strong and knows what he wants and he needs a hot  woman like you to give it to him. Will your lover tie you up and have his way with you  or will he make you please him before he gives you the ultimate pleasure in return.   Let go, surrender and indulge your deepest desires NOW! This session may include  light bondage and aggressive sexual situations.
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Sexual Synergy 
Has sex with your partner become routine or even boring? Or perhaps you just want  something to spice it up and intensify the pleasure. Sexual Synergy includes 2  individual MP3s, one for him and one for her.  Using headphones, you and your  partner listen to each session simultaneously. You’ll both enter a state of deep  hypnosis and receive powerful suggestions for intensifying pleasure. During the  experience you’ll be invited to engage in whatever sexual activity you desire with  your partner and enjoy the intensified pleasure of your sexual interaction!  
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HYPNOSIS Rated X Created by a Master Hypnotist for your Ultimate Pleasure! Duration: 30 Minutes Sexual Synergy Hypnosis for intensifying the pleasure of sexual interaction COUPLES
Adult Erotic Hypnosis MP3s
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